feeder with the pole



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  1. superadmin
    superadmin says:

    I have seen the method before, but I’m not sure how effective it really is.

    I really like to search my swim, especially for roach, something that is quite obviously not possible with this method.

    For bream-bashing in the river, it is a much different story, but then I would probably still choose the lollipop over the pole feeder.

  2. mark r
    mark r says:

    Ja me to i dont know how old the video is but i would call it a type of method feeder fishing if you look at the size of his feeder, but then again its also winter fishing in the uk and i know you can kill a swim by over feeding, and if you tried making a ball of groundbait the size of whats in the feeder how far up your swim would it be before its on the bottom? remember its a river but i don,t see why a bait dropper would,nt have the same effect, so i would fish the lolly as well

  3. timpe
    timpe says:

    this is a VERY popular system in the uk and i have the feeders and the indicator elastic if you want to give it a try..

    very efective but i prefer watching a float to be honest..

    you buy the one he was using here .. http://www.nisafeeders.co.uk/pole_feeders/pole-it_feeders.html

    and the indicator … http://www.nisafeeders.co.uk/pole_feeders/bitemaster_indicator.html

    had mine for a few years now but never gave it a good chance.. good for swinging over to an island on comercials.

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