Sneum Ø — Good Start

Didnt get permission for a day in Randers so grabbed a few hours local – We thought it too early for Sneum but there were decent size shells from the start with two bonus bream at the end. Used a 3 gram float although .5 would have been ok at times. The flow even changed directions as the river backed up for high tide…Shells to maggot and caster and bream to worm.

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  1. superadmin
    superadmin says:

    Det lyder til at fiskeriet er ved at komme op i gear i hele landet; Gudenåen, Sneum, Odense Å, Susåen og Tryggen.

    Super fedt med alle de rapporter, det giver virkelig blod på tanden til næste tur 🙂

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