who would have thought

After the disaster of a trip to Ribe i decided to try a puddle i had found on Google earth..
After 20 minutes trying to find a way in to the pond (no way is it a lake) i managed to find a spot … there is only one spot possible so it’s not a social venue).
The water was approx. 2mr deep and there were lots of bubbles and movement over near the reads.. i cupped in chopped worm and pellets and then fished worm on top.. As you can see there appears to be only crucian carp in here..

i had great fun for a few hours and had a total of 5kg at the end.. Lovely fish,,

you can see in the pictures that it is just opposite the incinerator plant in esbjerg,, it is not the lake that you can see easily but the little pond to the top right of it..

if you plan to go there then give me a shout and i can explain better where to go ..


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