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Well after a three year fight to buy the land that is bordering mine I finally managed it!!!

Now you have heard of Jensen’s pool, well I was a bit jealous so I am trying to create “Percy’s Puddle”… approx. 450 Mr 2 and 1.5 meters deep.

The fences came down on Friday and a 5mr square test hold dug on the highest point of the lake. After six hours it was looking really good and after 24 even better (wet weather though so we will see in summer)

I am digging a hole to about 4 meters to place a pump in – that should help in summer as this is well below the ground water level.

Today was spend fencing the whole ground (darned dog :-() and marking out the lake.

I will post updates next week when the digging starts. (the photos speak for themselfs realy..)

Any tips are welcome.


14 replies
  1. Simon
    Simon says:

    Hi Tim

    It looks really nice, I think you will be happy with the lake. I have had some great days in Jensen Pool.

    Will it be a carp lake or what plan do you have about the fish?

    Can´t wait to see the final result.


  2. timpe
    timpe says:

    i paln on mirror carp , common carp, a handfull of grass carp and tench to start with.

    i plan on doing a large waterfall from the groundwater hole into the lake to try and keep the ice depth limited in the winter .. lets see..

    i am quite nervouse with it at the moment !!


  3. mk fisker123
    mk fisker123 says:

    Sounds great Tim! been to the english carp stocked fisheries a few times and ofc. the famous jensen pool. It’s something different and it’s good once every now and then 🙂 can’t wait to hear some more!
    Hope that your projekt willbe as succesfull as expected 🙂


  4. Simon
    Simon says:

    Hi Tim

    Sometimes you can not control the fish in the Lake, we have caught ONE roach in Jensen Pool. And we have not put it in the lake, so maybe some eggs have been in the keepnet when we have fished, or the birds has brought it in. I dont know….

    Now the roach are gone….


  5. John E.
    John E. says:

    a good preventive to keep those roach away is to populate it with a small school of really big perch, i dont know why but biggest tench seems to come from waters where there is no pike but where the predatory element consists of big perch.

  6. timpe
    timpe says:

    Update with more Photo,s

    here is day one — a nasty 15,000dkr cost for removing 300 cubic meters of earth that we couldn’t find a space for 🙁

    not too bad though after removing 750 Cubic meters :-0


  7. timpe
    timpe says:

    my idea was to do a ledge but the ground guy recomended this way as it creates more support to the higher level.

    i will plant reeds around the edge and there is alot of heavy clay in the middle part so i hope it will satnd afew years before i have to play around with it..


  8. tokio
    tokio says:

    It looks impressive! It’s been my dream for years to do something like that – though preferable in bigger style as in UK commercial fisheries. Either in DK or in UK. Future will tell.
    We can always help you with small carp for free next spring!Must have a look at it some time.

  9. timpe
    timpe says:

    The lake is now done and i need to wait for the ground to dry out before i can get the grass down.

    looks tike i am ok for water in autumn and winter lets see what happens in summer:-)


  10. timpe
    timpe says:

    now i am nearly there…
    stock to date is :
    – Jensens goldfish
    – 6 Blue Avis Koi Carp
    – 15 Mirror / common Carp up to 2kg
    coming next week
    – 10 golden Tench
    – 5 grass carp
    – 5 Albino Grass carp
    – 20 Golden Ide

    Need a new back as mine is now broken from laying all that grass – didnt want to buy grass but the rain was washing my garden away with it being on a hill ..



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