Randers rain forest

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Well it was a bit early but looking at last year’s winter and this year we thought it worth a try for Randers.

We arrived at 8:30 and packed out, the river was flat calm and flowing to about a 4 gram float when we started.

First half hour there was no sign of any fish and we were wondering if we had hit it too early. Then after about 40 minutes Tim on the end peg started to pick up the odd roach. this was hopefully the start of the fish moving in from down river – and yes they came, for about an hour and a half to two hours both Tim and Mark had a crazzy time with the big roach, Tim training on the Bolo and mark on the 13mr TAP, unfortunately for Elo and Reijn the fish never really got past peg two.

The main thing to note here was that the fish only really got confident when the flow was up to about a 6 gram float and when after the middle period of catching the flow started to back up (1 gram float) and in fact the river started to flow in the opposite direction — then the fish were totally gone!! So if you are going, check the tides so you have a good flow.

Well just a short write up to let you know that there are roach showing at the rainforest…

Tim 14kg
Mark 10.5 kg

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  1. Struck
    Struck says:

    It’s is beyond a doubt that the fishing is best when the river is high and flowing hard..!
    I’ve seen this several times now and the local anglers know when the visiting hours are over as well…

    So remember to check the tides before you consider the river this early in the season..!

  2. tokio
    tokio says:

    As Tim said, the fish just wouldn’t come past Mark on peg 2.
    I just managed 9 roach for 1.88 kilo’s. They weren’t there. Maybe missed 5-6 bites more, but that is to say that they weren’t biting confident yet! Elo? Just 4 fish. Give 1-2 weeks more – again if any cold weather comes next week?

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