Final feeder qualification 2015

Can someone tell where The third one is now the DM dosen’t count. There has to be 3×2 days or we can’t have best 4 scores from 6.



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  1. Bjarne
    Bjarne says:

    Se punkt 4,6. Der står at DM i 2015 ikke tæller med i feeder udtagelsen, hvorfor der skal fiskes 4 kvalifikationsstævner, hvor alle 4 tæller. Det var hvad konklusionen blev på medemødet sidste år.

    MVH Bjarne

  2. timpe
    timpe says:

    The Whole idea of best out of 6 is That if someone is ill or has to Work they still have a chance. How Many float is there as it has to be The same too. Our representative at the meeting was to vote that DM didn’t count and that there should be one more.

  3. timpe
    timpe says:

    There was obviously some confusion at the meeting as we (the feeder people) agreed that DM shouldn’t count as it can be won with float. Can I propose that we arrange the third weekend ? This would make it fair for those that have to miss a match. Comments from the feeder guys welcome


  4. timpe
    timpe says:

    1. I can see a proposal and vote to remove DM from The feeder LU
    2. The rulles state 6 qualifyers 4 count. This is clear.
    3. Where is the proposal to change the rule from 6 to 4 matches ?
    4. There was no vote to change the amount of qualifyers. Only a vote on a venue ( the DM)

  5. timpe
    timpe says:

    As I have posted. I am tired of getting feedback that it was agreed to be 4 maches. The rule saying 6 is there and clear.
    I will now step out for 2016 and work on other things.
    I will fish the LU for fun but will have no involvement in the 2016 world champs.
    Shame as the feeder was growing quite well


  6. timpe
    timpe says:

    Just to inform that I am still getting feedback that it was agreed to only have 4 matches. The rule clearly states under LU that there must be 6. I am now withdrawing from the 2016 world champs as it’s not worth the hassle.
    Well done.

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