Sneum Å is ready!

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Location – Sneum Å at the Allerup bridge.

Fished from 8.30 till 11.30

Bait: ground bait with frozen red maggot and frozen Joker.

Hookbait – red maggot.

It was very windy and blowing down the river so the going was quite hard , I used an over shotted 8g cralusso torpedo.

The fish came in very steady for the first two and a half hours and were nearly all good sized roach, in great condition.

The last half hour dropped off but when I hooked into a 1.8 kg (it weighs in at 1.5 when cleaned and head removed) sea trout I discovered why I was using hydro elastic and I am glad I was as this was a real fight, (its in my fridge now waiting for tomorrow dinner J)

The Bream haven’t showed yet but according to the locals they hold up in a deeper pool further up river and it isn’t warm enough for them to come down river yet.

Total catch including the trout was approx 12 kg.. not bad to say I thought it was still too cold for this stretch.

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