When its cooler its HOT !!

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Setting off from Esbjerg at a crazy 20:00 and arriving just after 21:00 at the old pegs in Skanderborg, didn’t have a clue how long I would get as I really wasn’t set up for this very spontaneous trip. I really wanted to try and see what happened over there when it cooled down a bit so a nice 17 degrees and the sun down I set my match rod at maximum depth and then worked out where that depth suited . as it turns out it was only a meter or two past where I could have fished with the 7mr pole.. anyways I was in the water and fishing by 21:30 and had about half an hour with no fish , I did however keep the ground bait going in (small amounts but every cast). Then it started – I didn’t want the small roach so I was fishing a size 14 with corn and had 10 really nice roach in about 45 minutes followed by a nice bream just as I packed up at 11:00 .. God I wish I had a starlight with me … well not bad for 1.5 hours ..DM water – definitely with what we have seen these last weeks.

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