Nyt om Feeder-VM 2011

Peter Larsen gjorde mig opmærksom på at vi har lagt udtagelsen til Feeder-VM 2011 EFTER den normale tilmeldingsfrist.

Normalt er deadline for tilmelding omkring 1. juni, hvor udtagelses-stævnet ligger efter denne dato.

Dette betyder at holdet til Feeder-VM 2011 bliver nødt til at prøve at tilmelde sig efter fristen, der er desværre ingen andre alternativer. Eftersom det er første gang de afholder stævnet er de nok interesserede i at få så mange hold med som muligt, hvorfor det sikkert nok skal gå alt sammen.

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  1. superadmin
    superadmin says:

    The dates were picked so the weekend didn’t clash with other competitions. The dates are however not more fixed than it will be possible to push the competition to the week before, or after, should the organisers wish to do so. It could also buy valuable time in regards to signing up before the deadline.

    The sooner the better though, before all the clubs start to plan other activities

  2. John E.
    John E. says:

    well im the one supposed to make this compettition, and first off i would like to say that the decision about when the event is to take place is not mine.
    in reality nothing exept blowing the start whissle – pegging the stretch and finding someone to chop reeds is.
    i have been handed a job from the match-meeting that precisely was as follows:

    To make a selection match stretching over two competition days, complying to F.I.P.S.ed Feeder rules that concernes the selection of the Danish WC Feeder team for 2011 in italy, and at the same time is the 1 part of 3 for the selection for WC feeder 2012 match in Belgium.
    The Matches is to be held at the 4-5.june in Ringebæk Sø, Sjælland.

    Whatever else might be regarding this event, is the concern and decision of the Matchfishing meeting, and not mine.

    what i would like to know now is how many would like to attend this compettition, because if there is to many
    the lake that has been decided for this event is not big enough if all is to be as fair as i would like it to be.
    and might have to be split up in two lakes that is Maglebæk and Holme sø, where the bank could favour fishing and sitting on the box for all contestants. but if this is reedwork is to be done in a succesfull manner i have to go down to the lakes soon and kill the roots of the reeds while they are dormant here in the cold time of the year.

    therefore to anyone that wants to attend to this event please chime in at my phone or write me on the PM system as soon as possible so we have a time enough to lay out a proper event.
    tel: 30119321

  3. John E.
    John E. says:

    participating in just one compettion day out of the two is no problem. this however deminishes your chance of placement on the team of 2011.
    the oneday result you however do make by doing this, counts for the selection of the WC 2012 team.

    attending this event
    at the subscribtion to this event you will be asked if you want to compete for both the 2011 and 2012 WC Teams
    or compeeting for just one of either of the WC 2011 or 2012 teams. if only compeeting for either the 2011 team or the 2012 team only you will be asked a 200dkr Natiaonal-team-pass and in the case of compeeting for both its 400dkr.

    i would have liked to have juniors or seniors or both (that is not compeeting for the team selection) as “edge-fishers” but i have not been allowed to operate with sponsorships regarding anything that has to do with the selction matches or teams. so unless the match-meeting decides otherwise or pay the bill for their maggots and ground bait there will be rough edges.

  4. John E.
    John E. says:

    after a longer conversation with chairman of the meeting the date for the event is set at 4-5.june 2011

    i do hope that in the event that this clashes with the deadline for subscribtion to the WC 2011 i italy, that the meeting will sort matters out with the organisers of WC 2011.

    The talk also revealed that it was ok to either have sponsored groundbait and bait for the edge fishers, or combine the event with a edgefisher competition on the side of the main event, so that the main body of fishers compeeting for the WC team placements could be packed in at the center of each section.
    wich therefore is what we strive for. but it depends on how many will attend for team placement.

    The exact placement of the sections is still beeing considered
    but Maglebæk sø is still first priority, that is if only enough fishers for one section is attending the placement will be here, if more than that will come then Holme sø and Ringebæk sø is in play for 2. section but wich is to be decided yet.

    so please let me know about interest in the event as soon as possible so the poster can be made

  5. superadmin
    superadmin says:

    You will need to be a danish citizen in order to qualify for the team, but it is not needed to participate in the selections.

    It’s important that all our expats (both) are aware of this.

  6. superadmin
    superadmin says:

    No, sorry, the FIPS-rules are very clear on this subject.

    If you are not a danish citizen, your only chance is the club-WC, as one team member are allowed to be of a differenct nationality as long as they are a member of they represent.

    In the latter case, you’re however giving up you rights to represent your country in the future. Which basically means bye-bye to Team England if you fish a club-WC for a danish club 😉

  7. John E.
    John E. says:

    Even if you dont attend for placement on the WC teams, but choose to fish in the edgefisher competition, there will be a seperate money pool to fish for and already now i have 2 Feeder Rods as tackle prices for this segment of fishers.

    offcourse all money payed by the edgefisher segment will go directly for prices for this segment.

    If a solo fisher wishes to fish in this event he will be paired with another solofisher by drawing lots.
    so all edgefishers fish as a two man teams.
    This also means that if there is an uneven number of edgefishers that wants to participate, the last solofisher will not be allowed to do so, as i do not want any sections with more edgefishers than others.

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