Vasen – Not too Bad..

There were four of us headed to Vasen today to see how its fishing. There was Kim , Tim , Carlo and Mark..
There were two distinct bait tactics as Carl and Kim fished maggot/caster and Mark, Tim fished corn/caster.
Floats used varied from Carlo with a 12g lollipop down to a 3g.
Water was low when we started and backed up as we fished with an increase in depth of around 60cm.
i think everyone started with 6 or 7 cannon balls and then we started , there were fish in all four pegs right from the start with fish coming in steady for the full four hours.
Carlo – 11.5 kg
Kim – 14.7 kg
Mark – 16.6 kg
Tim – 16.5 kg

Good size roach (no monsters though) and a good show of rudd.

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  1. superadmin
    superadmin says:

    Nice fish, well done!

    Also good to see that Vasen is picking up pace, it will be even better within the next 2 weeks. Hope you all enjoyed yourself, it looks like a good day out.

  2. Elo Kjerside
    Elo Kjerside says:

    Godt fisket!

    Det ser ud til at i er klar til Landsholds udtagelsen!

    Øh Mark brugte du de nye super orme du har fået hjem fra UK jeg kan se at du præsentere dem på det første billede. 🙂

    Mvh Elo

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