Fishable again after many years.

As you can see on this website Vognsbølparken in Esbjerg was once a great local lake -
Unfortunately by around 2004 it had totally silted up and was unfishable.

The local council has however been sucking all the silt into huge bags letting the water flow back into the lake and we now have a 1mr average depth..

So – Mark and me headed down there after work today to give it a quick go….

Roach and bream , it was great and a really nice spot. From the old reports there should also be plenty of Carp and Tench in there so it’s got great potential.

Just thought it could be useful for people to know its fishable again..

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  1. timpe
    timpe says:

    yes i was suprised .. i sat under a tree so was limited to match rod with waggler. Mark broke out his pole and was getting a serious catch rate on it.. feeder gave some good results also.


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