Biomanipulation – List of lakes and full report

Not sure if this is common knowledge or not — If this caries on there will be no lakes left to fish — It is a laugh when i hear about eastern Europeans catching and taking with them when this is happening..

Read – full list of lakes is at the end of the report.


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  1. mk fisker123
    mk fisker123 says:

    I find this to hard to believe, at least it’s hard to when they want to create better “water-conditions”. But why? it can’t be for the fish since they kill ridicules numbers trying to cleanse theese waters.

    Now i haven’t read the whole thing but it just seems as an odd thing to do, when the purpose is to gain “better” waters.

    Nice information there Tim, didn’t know that they were doing theese manipulations on a more regular basis.


  2. jimmymacc
    jimmymacc says:

    I read the article and this is amazing ,can they not see that the fish are actually there for a reason and that nature has it’s own way of taking care of the balance ,it is only when man pollutes that things go wrong .I thought that they would be more concerned about maintaining the level of fish stocks especially the roach and bream as these are the main species people from other countries come fishing to Denmark and lets be honest this is the reason that more and more anglers come to this fishing paradise. if this continues then the majority of natural lakes will end up being like Poland ,England and many other countries where the only decent places to fish are man made holes filled with fish ,i have been fishing ,living and working in many countries and the fishing is the only reason I now live in Denmark it would be a terrible waste to ruin this.

  3. Rasmus Brock
    Rasmus Brock says:

    There is a lot of lakes in Denmark and i think we will be able to find waters to fish in many years a head.
    Even those waters wich have been biomanipulated, will 3-5 years after the manipulation develop and build up a new fishstock wich could be worth fishing after.
    But i hope they dont see crystal clear lakes with no fish as an ideal.
    As anglers we want waters with a good balance between roach, bream and the predatory fish like perch, zander and pike.

  4. superadmin
    superadmin says:

    I think it’s important to realise it is actually a list of lakes that have ALREADY been biomanipulated, and not a list of lakes that are to be netted in the near future.

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