Got up at 4.30 to head over to Ribe Slots as it has always been a great tench venue in summer..

got there and thought it strange that loads of bream were up on top of the water with the fins and backs out .. Then i realised that it was due to lack of water .. The depth is a maximum 30cm deep. This is not due to silt but low water level in the moat..

from what i could see this morning there will be fish deaths very soon and if we get some hot sunny days we risk losing a long term favourite for many fishermen..

what can we do ? who can we report this to ? if there is nothing to be done about the water level could we net the fish at least as it is heart-breaking to just sit back and see them die…

Any ideas ???????????????

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  1. Lee_Wood
    Lee_Wood says:

    Try and contact the council, however knowing how the Danes ( for the most part) are, they will probably not be interested in doing anything… You could also try contacting Miljøstyrelsen and the fiskeridirektoratet

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