pga vejret, looking at the next 10 days it looks like freezing temperatures on the nights so we have decided to cancel the competition Elo has talked about maybe doing something 14 days after, sorry guys it was looking so good with a lot of people entering thanks anyway tight lines when you can get out mvh Tim and Mark

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  1. timpe
    timpe says:

    it was a fantastic response to this and would have been a great meeting..
    on the bright side – Easter next year is 3 weeks later so we wil Definately run this again next year.


  2. timpe
    timpe says:

    I can see from Rikards map that you can fish further into the harbour in Randers (on the opposite bank downstream) is there any reason why we don’t (or can’t) fish on the same side as the rainforest but further into the harbour – the opposite the area shown on the map of fishing waters ? Road showing on Google is Energikajen ??
    can someone advise ? thanks .. Tim

  3. bingo fuel
    bingo fuel says:

    I have previously fished the “rocky” part on the south side of he river ( actually in the harbour. Back then is was very hit and miss, and it actually fished better longer into the spring than justesens, with it also being good well into may…- but things might have changed as I am talking 15+ years back. Further out there are other places to fish, but the fishing does not get easier/better out there.


  4. John E.
    John E. says:

    going from the harbour towards the sea, there is also some wery confusing zones where you cannot fish, because of “fredning”, there is a website somewhere with a map of these, but its wery confusing

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