Landsholdsudtagelsen for Flåd – Endeligt resultat

Så har jeg fået tastet de endelige resultater ind for flådlandsholdsudtagelsen, i Rikards udregningsskema 🙂
Tjek venligst om der skulle være nogle fejl.

Rikard – kan du lægge den ind i stedet for det tidligere resultat for landsholdsudtagelsen flåd 2013

Hilsen Karina

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  1. John E.
    John E. says:

    Feeder status: after DM looks like this, as far as i can get it
    the problem is that at the first LU day in Ishøj there was 12 participants and the section should have been divided in two because it was over 11, and the results do not include where people was pegged, so thats impossibl to calculate the exact point from that one. therefore the results from that day is calculated from a 12peg section

    1.tim Percival 326,7p
    2.stig Thomsen 250,0p
    3.john Eiberg 235,0p
    4.ole Knudsen 232,1p
    5.søren Sørensen 220,0p
    6.elo kjershede 175,0p
    7.carlo iversen 163,9p
    8.reijn højsgård 155,6p
    9.mark reading 128,3p
    10.dan rasmussen 113,3p
    11.flemming Eriksen 111,4p
    12.jimmi w. johansenj 93,9p

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