2. LU feeder 2014 Vest for storebælt.

Mark Reading og Elo Kjerside indbyder til:
Årets anden Feeder landsholdsudtagelse.

Lodtrækning, ved åen:
Lørdag og Søndag:
Kl. 8.00 Lodtrækning
Kl. 8.00 – 8.30 Har i mulighed for at inspicere jeres standplads og tilrette den hvis der skulle være noget natur som skulle være i vejen.
Kl. 8.30 må i gå i gang med udpakning ved standpladsen.

Mht lodtrækning, så er det ikke muligt at trække kanter begge dage.
Hvis der for eksempel er 8 fiskere til konkurrencen så vil de fiskere som trækker plads 1 og 8 om
lørdagen vil ikke kunne trække de samme pladser om søndagen.

Foder, agn og tackle kontrol:
9.00 begge dage startende ved plads 1.

Heavy baiting:
9.50 begge dage

10.00-15.00 begge dage

Det er også vigtigt ved tilmelding at oplyse om man kun fisker lørdag , søndag eller begge dage.
Man kan også ringe til Elo Kjerside, mobil 20 76 83 15 eller Mark Reading 22 51 93 94
man kan også gøre det nedenunder i kommentaren, senest mandag den 10/8-2014.
Ved tilmelding husk at oplyse: fulde navn , fiske klub, mail og Tlf.

– Landsholdspas – overfører til Medesektions Landsholds konto eller betales Elo Kjerside inden stævnet.
Link til Feeder landsholdpas konto nummer med mere: http://www.medesiden.dk/comment/8751#comment-8751
– Gyldigt fisketegn kræves. – ca 100,- for et årskort, kan købes på campingpladsen. kontakt Ole Haugnes mobil 31 40 66 62
for at få årskort til det rigtige sted.

Yderligere information:
– Husk at de internationale Fips regler vil være gældende for 2014. http://www.fips-ed.com/regolamenti2014/Reg_FIPSed_Feeder_2014_EN_def.pdf
– Pr. dag. Foder og agn: 12 liter fugtet og siet foder. 2,5 l agn, heraf max 0,5 liter blodorm/jokers.
– HUSK: Affald skal hjembringes.
– HUSK der SKAL parkeres så der kan komme traktorer forbi på mark vejen.
– Kørselsvejledning: Programmer jeres GPS til Siltoftvej 3, 6280 Højer og fortsæt efter adresse hentil hjørnet så er i der.

Rudbøl camping http://www.rudbol-camping.dk/da/home
Rudbøl vandrehjem http://www.danhostel.dk/hostel/danhostel-rudboel

Elo Kjerside – OSK
Mark Reading – OSK
Ole Knudsen – OSK
Tim Percival – OSK
Stig Thomsen – OSK
Carlo Iversen – OSK
John Eiberg – Team Browning
Flemming Eriksen – ISK
Ole Haugnes – Team Preston.
Michael hilligsøe – ISK

Indtil videre 10 fiskere.

Mark Reading og Elo Kjerside

Resultat Lørdag den 23-08-2014:

Plads 1 – Elo Kjerside – Vægt 2,564 – placering 1
Plads 2 – Ole Haugenes – Vægt 2,295 – placering 2
Plads 3 – Stig thomsen – Vægt 0,820 – placering 6
Plads 4 – Mark Reading – Vægt 1,705 – placering 3
Plads 5 – Flemming Eriksen – Vægt 0,282 – placering 9
Plads 6 – Tim Percival – Vægt 0,508 – placering 8
Plads 7 – Carlo Iversen – Vægt 1,043 – placering 4
Plads 8 – John Eiberg – Vægt 0,719 – placering 7
Plads 9 – Ole Knudsen – vægt 0,836 – placering 5

19 replies
  1. superadmin
    superadmin says:

    If it’s still at the camp site, then this is the place: https://www.google.com/maps/place/54%C2%B053'55.3%22N+8%C2%B045'04.2%22E/@54.8986845,8.751154,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0

    Expect it to be rock hard, few fish which are difficult to catch. You need to figure out how to get the few fish to feed, without overfeeding them. You need to figure out how to lure the big bream and ide into you swim, without spooking the 2-4 oz roach. If you get all of this right, you will be on the way to an easy win, without looking at the draw. If you get it wrong, then you don’t need a keepnet 🙂

    I can give you a heads up a few days in advance if there is a chance that the water will be running, I need to have the tidal data from DMI.

  2. John E.
    John E. says:

    still at the campsite? has there been any notions of this enywhere and if so where?
    if not here in this official tread regarding the venue and the competition the only thing i see is “bliver udfyldt senere” and it is now 3weeks to the thing should be rolling. there are two stretches that can be used for this event and wich ever is chosen its two completely different worlds.

  3. Elo Kjerside
    Elo Kjerside says:

    On Friday Mark and me will go down there and see the Strecth and we will return with coordinates were we are fishing. And the rest of the invitation would be fill in the following days. So please try to be pacient.

  4. John E.
    John E. says:

    Pardon my English.
    i think this is simply ridicolous, you have had allmost 10 months to do this and now you ask us to be even more patient, you say THE STRETCH and Rikard says STILL at the campsite, so someone must know what the intentions are? Only its not the fishers of the LU. im getting really tired of this bolony beating around the bush, what i did expect from the organiser at this point was coordinates pronto, and not some history about Friday and fill in later.

    now for the possibilities of a stretch:
    1. opposite the capmsite: Google maps form here 54.898703, 8.750424 to here 54.899519, 8.747788 wich we used for float LU some years ago, this stretch is uneven as the bonusfish will eventually be caught in one end of the stretch only on the compettition day, some pegs will require the use of platform and some will deffo have problems with reeds and rodtips.
    target fish here is Roach / bleak and possibly a envolope skimmer if Lucky at one end and the other end its bream/Roach/bleak wich end is impossible to say but furthest the bridge is a qualified guess.

    the float LU is now due partly to the unevenness and the almost always strong sidegoing Wind at this stretch at possibility no.2 wich is

    2. Google maps: 54.948857, 8.700120
    the stretch here is of another nature than the previous as the fish here comes from the outside and not from the sides, that is the destribution of fish is more even here, the bottom is even there is no problems with the reeds messing with the rodtips. every one can sit on his box without the use of platform.
    target fish here is Roach / bleak / perch / rimte

  5. mark r
    mark r says:

    Just to clear up any confusion the stretch we are looking at is 54.948857, 8.700120 and thats the one we want to fish BUT? we have had reports about weed and weed cutting problems that is why there has been a bit of confusion about the the pegs, me and elo are going on wednesday to try and fish for a couple of hours.
    i and also elo have never fished vidåen so we can,t help anyone with species ,depth,and access, last year at the medemøde, and you was there John, NOBODY was prepared to take the LU VEST and i was asked to ask elo if he would do it and he kindly said yes and sombody suggested vidåen because this was the most even and challenging Water we have( SUPPOSED TO BE) if we find that it is not fishable IT WILL BE MOVED TO ANOTHER VENUE

    I find that giving people bad critic where its not due is unacceptable JOHN i think you went over the line with your comment and would like to say from myself and elo that in the future we will not be taking part in ANY organising of matches because clearly you can do better,

  6. Karina
    Karina says:

    Hvis det er de kordinater Mark har lagt ind, så er det “den tyske” side/ud mod Vesterhavet.
    Det er samme sted som der tidliger er fisket landsholdsudtagelse i flåd.
    Hvis man kommer fra Højer by, så er det første markvej til venstre efter man er kørt over Vidåen. Mellem Siltoftvej 36 0g 38.
    På markvejen er det første 90 grader sving man når til, der er markeret ifølge Mark.

    HUSK… der SKAL parkeres så der kan komme traktorer forbi på markvejen.


  7. mark r
    mark r says:

    Me and Elo was at Vidåen yesterday at the stretch we are fishing we arrived at about 17.45 after going for maggots, after inspecting the pegs we decided it could be fished there was a few lillies in some pegs which should,nt be a problem (remember a weed cutter) we plan on taking another trip next weekend to take care of the reeds for everybodys information there is a gate we have to climb over but once you are over that, its not far to the pegs so you dont need a trolly,
    Now to how it fished?
    We only set one rod up each and decided to take it easy on the feed using only a small feeder with 5 to ten magotts in every cast we expected at least a Little perch or a bleak on the drop but it was like someone had given the fish permission to go get beers from germany …NOTHING:::not a bite for 3.5 hours and we tried maggot feeder with the same result size 22 hook with 8oz bottom and the smallest magott i could find it just did.nt help and elo was having the same result ……… so don,t be expecting to bag up at the Lu the Canal was moving to our left, not fast , we could hold bottom with 20 gr fishing between 15 and 35 mtr out,,,,,,,looks like a great venue though ,just wish there was more fish,,,,,and just a reminder about permits if you buy from Pørksen you CANNOT pay with dankort you have to have the right Money which is 75kr or 10 euro.
    one more point is elo has made the start time 11.00 has anybody got any objections if we move it to 10.00. til 15.00 that will mean the Draw is at 08.00 and you can go and inspect your pegs straight after so if there is weed it can be cleared we start setting up at 08.30………. Sunday is not moved


  8. Elo Kjerside
    Elo Kjerside says:

    Mark var i går nede og tjekket strækket ud og han fandt det vand som manglede i lammefjorden…!. Så venligst tag Waders og platform med til jeres boks da vi nok kan risikere at komme til at side i vand.

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