Påske Træf (Jels) updated

Vi prøver igen i år oplysninger kommer senere men dato er fast

We meet at the venue (springvand)

We Draw at 08,30 and fish from 10,30 to 14,30

Entry fee is 100kr which will be a 100% pay out 50% 30% 20%

You can max go 2mtr into the Water from the Waters edge( for those that would like to stand in the Water), i would recomend sitting on your box as the Water has not warmed up enough now.

REMEMBER dagkort if you dont have a year pass

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  1. tokio
    tokio says:

    Spar i Jels er blevet til KIWI og har ikke noget med fiskekort at gøre mere. Jeg tror nok, at det er superbrugsen nu. Måske er der nogen, som kan give bedre info om dette?!

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