I would (After the feeder VM and talking to the managers of several national teams like to suggest the following)

• That 6 fishermen qualify for the world champs
• That the team captain be a NON fisherman with as much knowledge as we can find that will go.
• That the team for fishing the first day of competition be selected by the captain during the training week.
• That the Sunday team be selected by the captain based on performance.

In my opinion we need to have a Captain that is empowered to make decisions and a Team that has to do as directed.

This is only the outline but i think you get the idea.

Constructive comments please.


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  1. superadmin
    superadmin says:

    Based on the experiences I’ve had so far:

    5 man teams: since a sixth angler would only increase secrecy during practice, as any knowledge could give you an edge over your teammates.

    Captain: we don’t have any anglers with with enough experience to fit the role you suggest

    The way forward for me is to bring in external influence (German, dutch, Hungarian, British top shelf anglers) and spend the lu weekends practicing instead of competing. Select the national teams based on prior experience, until the interest picks up again. (No point in fishing LU with only 6-9 anglers where only 5 are really available)

  2. John E.
    John E. says:

    ohh boy this will be a long one.

    First off this is not intended to provoke anyone or cause drama in any way. i know what tensions there has been on the teams and what i from my experience as part of several teams have seen and felt i missed. That is i have both been part of functional and dysfunctional teams, and i do to a certian extent feel i know what will remedy the dysfunctional part, but its hard and it starts with each participants own self and the relations to ones suroundings.
    That is when you are a part of a national team you are not fishing for yourself, you are part of a team and if you dont understand that sharing and not keeping things to your self is essential you better not apply.
    In denmark we are stuck with a selection system, and that allows for fishers that do not have team spirit in the desired quantity to enter, and so be it thats what we have to live with. So far…..

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with 6man teams they do function and they do a get the job done better than 5man ditto.
    Only one thing is a core element that should be in place and that is each participants idea of “Team”.
    Just to begin with a Team is not a 5 or 6man outfit, the 5 or 6fishers are only the frontend or the tip of the iceberg, a team is to be fuly functional 13-14 man units (pay attention to the Unit thing) that is, 5-6fishers + 6runners (whereof one is chiefrunner and baitman) + one captain + one manager (manager and chiefrunner are the same person on a lot of teams to save costs)

    For the teams to work there has to come a new way of thinking on a personal level, both amongst fishers and those that didnt quite make it, and that is that runners are not just the ones that did not make it, runners are an essential part of a team. They even get a medal if the team makes it, i will here try to outline what i see for a scenario of a squad.

    Runners will run each day in the same section and on the day where the team comes by the runners section the runner gets the day at chair no.6 fishing to see if he can get some of what he have seen been done to work and thereby provide the team with even further information, at this day the chiefrunner takes over running the section, so at the end of the 5 days training each runner have had 1 day at the box fishing 4 days of active running, and chiefrunner have made a run in each section. To like get a second opinion on the section to provide for the captains work.
    on compettition day each runner will take care of their respective fishers and outline before the match what he has observed to get the fisher mentally and fishingwise into the section, to like get his confidence up and give him a picture of the section and the place he has been alotted.
    Each runner will at the end of the day of each training have written as much as he possibly can about each box weights times of catching of various species and so on, so a detalied section map where each box i drawn in can be outlined and each section can be monitored day by day, this work of making this map is the captains and chiefrunners job, and the thing will be presented to the fishers each evening so that a decision based on evidence can be taken about how to practise next day.
    A section on these events are like 500-600m long and on a stretch of this length anyone knows that fishing is not even, there will be holdig areas and there will be simple passing trough areas. And fishing the two is like fishing two different worlds
    what ever approach the combattant should take, must be determined on what the runner has observed all the way trough both the compettition and the training.

    So first of the notion that runners are second or “runners up” are to be eliminated they will come home with holes in their shoes and wery sore legs, they will also come home with a lot better understanding of matchfishing and how to read a stretch, but that will only apply if the captain is up to his job. There is absolutely no point in having any runners if the just run around with no plan and the captain thinks he can have it all in his head, because no one can.
    a captain in denial of this fact is a guarantee of failiure.
    To make the seemingly difficult easy there has to be structure and making the structure and buliding team spirit to the 110% that is required is the captains job, but as i said before it starts with the participants own self and their relations to the other teammates, a capatin can do zippo if just one fisher is in denial.

    First step in this direction is to get rid of the notion that the fisher that payed himself fishes all the way, no matter how bad he is doing. This in my eyes is selfdelusion and denial elevated into a statement.

    When what a real teamster would have said was look here guys i dont feel that i have done so good i think its better that no.6 fishes tomorrow.
    Not a sacrifice but a selfevident desision coming from the fisher that is aware of and is fully into the team spirit.
    the last thing he would like to do is harm the team with a poor perforance. and not cling on to his falsely percieved idea that his luck will change tomorrow.

    For a fully functional team there is no need for the captain to do any selectio on friday, the Whole team and the Fishers will be fully aware of who is fishing based on the before mntioned criteria, only one case for the captain to step in with a dictate is when two fishers are performing not really up to par, and that is to determine and chose where the team can eiher afford to lose a little points or where its most likely that a gain will be in the Cards. there is no reason for a Fisher to start getting angry on a captain that benches him provided the desision is taken on evidence based facts. the keyword here is trust amongst the Fishers towards the captain, and the captain must prove himself worthy in this line, that is team first homeclub – freindships – personal relations and so on out of the Picture.

    The catain and the chiefrunner is a two sided unit in the middle of to groups ie the fishers and the runners who each share the same value, and that value be solely the teams function and thereby also its performance. they are all a equally valuable part of the setup, no one is second.

    The day by day weights of the fishers has absolutely nothing to do with who gets selected, they only provide the team with information on how to fish for a better result provided that the fishers share all. What does get a fisher in or out on the first compettition day is his ability to Catch the drift” or get on par with the sections he fish. The captains job and the runners job is to get everyone in sych with the situation. The best that could happen for a fisher is to get the feeling of “no problem i feel at home on this Water and especially where i have drawn” and the worst that could happen for the fisher and the team is for him to stand at saturday 1.matchday and feel just like he did on monday morning the day of training.

    The criteria is not training weights but his adaptability to the new environment.
    After realising this he will have no problem in doing what is requeried for the team, its only when the team is not functioning properly that doing team fishing is percieved as sacrificing it for the team.

    The wery notion of sacrificing it for the team is a sure sign of dysfunction.

    To get this confidence in team its like i said nessecary to provide the fishing part of the team with evidence based ideas about what to expect from each days training, i do understand a fishers reluctance to sit 4 hours doing bleak when others are freewheeling it into bream.
    But this reluctance would maby have been different if the box in the 4 days prior had only shown bleak. A thing that only a solid runner performance would have revealed.

    So to cut it short. I think that if there is to be fished 6man on the box during training with a change between compettition days, it will require a shift in thinking far deeper than alot of the current squad members might be prepared for, when this phaseshift is done there will be no problem in the matter and fully done the captain would rarelyhave to be decicive member in any instance other than when the team it self are in doubt because two memers have uttered their own wish to step down. when a team is not dysfunctional the one Stepping Down is selfevident and fully aware that this is requiered and will be happy to do so not to hurt the team.

  3. John E.
    John E. says:

    by the way i just forgot.
    what ever becomes of the selectionprocess i think that it should be the ones that participated that has earned the right to be offered the opportunity of becoming runners first. just like the fishers do.
    Its simply so because these have shown the willingnes to travel and the interest in becoming a part of the team. i do know that some Fishers also have this interest but not showing up has revealed that they did not have it enough for making it all the way. the ones that actually participated did.
    a squd is not just the qurrent affair, its also a school of the NeXT generation.

  4. ulrik møller
    ulrik møller says:

    Hej Tim Dejligt at du tager blad fra mund og siger hvad vi kan gøre bedre . Da jeg så at en stor fisker i England stopper på landshold tænkte jeg med det samme på at det var en løsning at vi kunne få en fra en af de store lande som kunne være vores kaptajn og han som valgte de 6 mand til holdet til feeder og flåd . Hvis vi kunne have et budget på 3000 € til ham kunne han godt komme til Danmark to gange og en gang feeder og en flåd i en uge. Han ville kunne bidrag meget til os .

    Som det er i dag fisker vi mange af os ikke nok. Hvis en fodbold spiller spiller 20 dage om året eller 110 dage om året
    Hvem ville så være bedst ? I dag fisker en del landshold fisker ikke nok og man venter på at landshold udtagelse kommer de to weekend om året . Derfor ville mit forslag være stop med de fire udtagelser og lad de konkurrencer som alle klubber laver i dag og få lavet flere næste år så der er 5 stævner i Jylland tre på Fyn og 5 på Sjælland hvor der er et stævner men også point til dem der har indløst et pas . Jylland kunne være videåen , karlsgård , spring cup Gudenåen , Århus å , Viborg . Fyn kunne vi sige søndag Cuppen i Odense å og Ollerup sø og langesø . Sjælland kunne det være Næstved kanal , 8 timer stævne , gyrstinge sø , lammefjord kanal , tryggevælde å , tuel sø eller pedersborg sø .
    Man må tag de 5 bedste point med.
    Her kommer vi rundt i landet og får fisket sammen og social samvær som medefiskeri også er. Spørg lige dem som husker de dage med lu stævner i hele landet .
    Husk at der også er en alm konkurrence over i man deltager i .
    Man kan sige at der skal være plads til min. 15 mand for at et stævne kan komme på LU kortet .

  5. Dan R
    Dan R says:

    Vedr. DM

    ISK tilslutter sig helt klart et DM i Gudenåen i april måned og deltager ikke i diskussionen om hvor vidt folk skal det ene eller andet i april måned, det må helt klart være et spørgsmål om prioritering. Fordelene ved et DM i foråret har vi tilkendegivet ved flere lejligheder, det er da godt man ikke skal fiske DM nu her efter hedebølgen med tonsvis af hvepse!

  6. tokio
    tokio says:

    As being the 1st reserve, and 6th member of the team to the Feeder World Championship this year, I can fully agree on what Tim states.
    Also John has many good points. Many of the items John E. states, I think we did during training week in Ireland this year. After the first few days we had a good idea of how and what they were doing in the different sections!
    – Just the 5 qualified – or not – anglers for the team is not enough.
    In the end it is not the way one qualifies during matches at home, but who is best during training on the actual venue for the Championship! LU qualification only ensures that some good anglers will participate during the training week!
    But we have to face whether we as representing Denmark will want the best result possible or participate with anglers who do good at venues at home, but cannot adapt to the way a whole new venue abroad will fish. In the end the anglers of the english team, and probably others too, are “handpicked”! Are you not good enough, at the end you are not in the team!
    Yes the captain should be a non-fishing captain, not fishing in the matches for the World Championship! There is so much to do prior to the matches and in the training week, that he, or she should use all their time on the team, on the team-tactics, groundbait, bait, everything around the team! I as reserve this year, found out that acting as angler during training, as runner and more, that if we want better results in future, we have to do things different!
    Tim is right in saying that the captain has the decision on tactics and that the anglers participating ought to listen to him! After all the captain has much better knowledge on what else is going on in the section than the angler. If things do not work out as planned, if the angler himself does not have a good idea of how to changes things to the better, he’d better listen to the advice of the team captain.
    As I have not been competing in the LU feeder matches this year, I know I have not qualified for anything. However I would like to offer my assistance to the team for next year, as it is held in Holland – and well, that’s my home country!

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